<Photo Works Temecula Murrieta quality photo printing from digital or film


Customer review: Love, love, love this place! We will never go anywhere again to have our pictures developed. We found Photo Works after growing tired of our pictures being spit out of a machine in 30 seconds, much less 1 hour, with no concern for quality.

Minimum order $20.00 We print from film, digital or cell phone. Paper selections: gloss and luster. Price include professional manual adjustment, unless requested otherwise. Need a special size call us 951-760-3443 NO TEXT/ 951-760-3443 NO TEXT

Gloss or luster print
3x5 $1.00 4x6 $.90, 5x5 or 5x7 $2.00, 4x12, 4x8, 6x8, 7x8 or 8x10 $5.00, 8x12 $5.99, 8.5x11, 9x12 $13.00, 10x13 or 10x15 $13.00, 9x16 $13, , Add $.80 for 4x6 prints from 35mm or 120 film. If you print two of the same image the second print is 20% off. We can print any size, call for prices.

Luster prints larger than 10x15: 11x14 $13, 11x17 $16, 11x18 $17, 12x12 $13, 12x16 $17, 12x18 $18, 13x19 $19, 14x14 $20, 14x17 $22, 14x18 $23, 15x21 $28, 16x20 $29 18x24 $35, 8x20 $25

*Numbers are in inches.
Call for mounting prices. .